Megan Grocki

Megan Grocki

Experience Design Director, Mad*Pow
VIEW PRESENTATION SLIDES (Workshop: Walk a Mile in My Shoes: Mapping the Patient Journey)
Main Conference: Research & Design Methods

Does your organization have a plan to infuse user research into the design process? Do you struggle converting research into actual designs? Do you have trouble coming to consensus around design decisions and avoiding churn?

We will share our secrets with you on the best methods for generating extraordinary ideas and design concepts, based on research and a deep understanding of the patient (or customer) journey.

Workshop: Walk a Mile in My Shoes: Mapping the Patient Journey

Whether you’re sick, healthy, or somewhere in between, navigating the world of healthcare and hospitals can throw anyone for a loop. Patient journey maps are invaluable for healthcare organizations of all kinds.

In this workshop, we’ll work together to build a journey map based on our collective knowledge of the patient experience, the various touch points involved, and the roles they play. We will also look at how the journey map differs according to specific conditions (e.g chronic health issues or point of need).

Outputs for the session will cover the following topics:

  1. Understanding the value of journey maps, and how and when they can be used by various types of healthcare organizations. For example, for design adherence programs, to determine referral processes, and to ensure more patient friendly hospital experiences.
  2. Creating a journey map: research techniques, from guerilla research to strategic research.
  3. Maintaining the steady state – how do you keep your journey maps current? How do you convince other organizations to adopt them?


With 15 years of experience in marketing, research and experience design, Megan specializes in helping clients discover the attitudes, intents and behaviors of their users and understand what is truly important to them. By being the ultimate user advocate, she is able to improve the organization and presentation of content and refine the messaging in a way that rings true with the audience(s) and meets business goals. She has recently worked with clients including Bank of America, Aetna, Constant Contact and McKesson to sharpen their understanding of their audiences and design new digital experiences steeped in rigorous research and design thinking.

When she’s not leading vision workshops or rolling up her sleeves for user research endeavors, she masterminds the marketing strategy, evaluates market conditions and directs our digital marketing and social media strategies. Megan guides the marketing direction for all our events and promotional activities while collaborating with sales to support them in generating maximum buzz.

Prior to Mad*Pow, Megan served as marketing manager with Momenta as well as senior product manager and user interface manager at Bottomline Technologies. Megan holds a BA from the University of New Hampshire and is always seeking to continue her education by attending conferences, seminars and reading her weight in UX books.

She is a founding member of the NHUPA. Her speaking gigs have included Refresh Boston, the 2010 IA Summit in Phoenix, the 2010 Usability Professionals' Association International conference in Munich, 2010 UPA Boston and Interaction11 in Boulder. In addition she is currently the Interaction12 Dublin conference program director.

A die-hard Red Sox fan, Megan enjoys traveling the world, splashing in the waves at her favorite local beach and coffee shop-hopping around town with her husband and two young children. And she bakes the best brownies in the world. The end!