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Health Care Design Conference - 2013 Boston


About Me

Zen Chu is serial healthcare entrepreneur focused on healthcare software and medical devices in Boston and Shanghai. As Entrepreneur-In-Residence at MIT, Zen teaches the Healthcare Ventures course and co-founded the Hacking Medicine Initiative, teaching engineers & physicians the hackable areas of healthcare to accelerate data & impact.

Zen co-founded and served as CEO for 3D-Matrix Medical Inc, now one of the largest publicly-traded regenerative medicine companies. Over the past 15 years, he has led new ventures, corporate innovation and venture investment for Harvard Medical School, NetVentures and Hewlett-Packard. Zen earned an MBA from Yale and a B.S. in biomedical/electrical engineering from SMU.

Q&A with Zen

HxD asked speakers to tell us what inspires and drives them in healthcare and design. Check out our Q&A with Zen Chu!

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  • Q1: What is your burning mission in health?

    Creating new ventures that increase quality and access to scalable medicine

  • Q3: Why it inspires you?

    Dr. Atul Gawande writes about the complexities of medicine that allows a broad readership, including senior healthcare policy experts, to understand the challenges and realities of improving healthcare in the US and around the world.

  • Q4: What is your patient story?

    One of my three children has a chronic autoimmune disease, so I understand the zeal of a parent with a sick kid and advocating as a caregiver.

  • Q5: Why HxD?

    Design is critical to improving healthcare, and great examples are sorely lacking. Good design in digital healthcare has the ability to save many more lives than a new molecule or medical device.

  • Q6: Why come to your session?

    I will lend examples from my graduate level Healthcare Ventures course at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, focused on teaching the hackable areas of healthcare, where good medicine converges with sustainable ventures and patient impact.

Zen at the Conference

CONFERENCE | Monday, March 25

Hackable Areas of Healthcare

Healthcare reform is changing the fundamental ways that doctors and hospitals are paid in the US. New financial risks are changing the incentives for adopting new technologies and re-engineering the service of patients. This rapid shift opens some, not all, areas of healthcare to large new business opportunities. Good design will have a greater impact to both satisfaction and patient outcomes. We will highlight examples from MIT's H@ckingMedicine program and successful companies -- demonstrating the hackable areas of healthcare, where technologies can help reinvent diagnosis, treatment and monitoring.

"Last year's HxD conference was so amazingly inspiring, and has definitely caused me to strive harder and become more passionate about improving our healthcare system." - 2012 HxD Attendee

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