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Health Care Design Conference - 2013 Boston


About Me

Andre is an influential, connected agent of change within the healthcare and social innovation community. He is very passionate about the intersection of media, technology and design concepts as it relates to the improvement of population health impact and social change. Through his company Pulse + Signal, Andre offers navigation around the social media/healthcare innovation space through research/insights, digital PR & communications as well as online branding strategy for projects and organizations - paving the way to a new future for a healthier society. For over 5 years, the Pulse + Signal blog continues to take a look at new, effective ideas and emerging technologies as it relates to the realm of healthcare and population health impact.

Andre has been a featured speaker on a number of Health 2.0 related conversations around HIV/AIDS, mobile health, health disparities and new forms of health journalism. He has worked alongside organizations such as the Black AIDS Institute, CDC, & HHS to educate and promote innovation around important health initiatives and opportunities. Andre also serves on the following advisory boards: Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media; IntraHealth International OPEN; SXSW Health Advisory Board; DC Health Innovation Week Planning Committee; and is the co-founder of the FastForward Health Film Festival. You can find him on Twitter as @mindofandre.

Q&A with Andre

HxD asked speakers to tell us what inspires and drives them in healthcare and design. Check out our Q&A with Andre Blackman!

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  • Q1: What is your burning mission in health?

    To create sustainable impact that is fully integrated into our communities.

  • Q3: Why it inspires you?

    There was no overt sign to take the stairs to "become healthier", it was just there as something fun & part of what people already do (take the subway). This is what i mean by fully integrating smart concepts into our communities that can give the healthy outcomes we want to see.

  • Q5: What is your patient story?

    Although no specific story of mine stands out - I am motivated by the larger needs of communities that may have members who are underserved and have needs that can be met by the emerging technologies/tools to make a long lasting positive health impact.

  • Q5: Why HxD?

    HxD is an event where people come together to see how better design can make long lasting impact to change health care. This is vital to how people see the world around them and how that changes their lives. Especially when it comes to things such as the built environment's impact on health - design thinking is essential.

  • Q6: Why come to your session?

    You will get a glimpse at how people, projects and organizations are making the necessary changes to create a healthy environment for communities, beyond communications & marketing. Topics such as food systems & walkable cities will be addressed.

Andre at the Conference

CONFERENCE | Monday, March 25

Where We Are: Designing the Environment for Health Impact

The communities we live in can be a complex environment sometimes. The places where we live, work and play all are influences in our health and well-being. In the traditional public health landscape, this is called the "built environment". Our sidewalks, transportation methods (e.g. roads and railways), buildings and parks are part of an ecosystem that we interact with a daily basis - which makes it a worthwhile investment for better design. Now more than ever, the opportunities to apply user-centered design thinking to create sustainable communities must be at the forefront of population health impact. Seamlessly integrating health into what citizens are already doing (e.g. not more health posters) is what will help shape the future of health.

"Last year's HxD conference was so amazingly inspiring, and has definitely caused me to strive harder and become more passionate about improving our healthcare system." - 2012 HxD Attendee

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